RV Luxury Detailing Services

Want your RV to look and feel like a million bucks?

Remember the feeling of your first time seeing your brand new RV? Paradise met you at the door with that brand new shine everyone loves. At RVTECH, detailing is more than a job; it’s an experience. It’s about the excitementthat someone’s mission that day was to make you happy. Don’t you deserve this level of service?

At RVTECH, making you feel like you matter is a huge understatement. At RVTECH, once you open that RV door and invite yourself to your new RV experience, you’ll see how much you matter.

Wash + Roof

From a deluxe wash to spotless windows, this is only the beginning. Your RV will be pampered from roof to basement, with incredible precision to every detail and a remarkable shine. Wanna take it up a notch to Gold Status?

Wash + Roof + Roof Armor

EEK! Another black streak? Gawk? More white chalk? Unclean RV Rubber roofs is a breading zone for those hated black streaks! You’re intelligent enough to know that washing the roof is only half the story; it needs to have Roof Armor applied to stop the transfer of oxidation. Roof Armor is a proven blend of Nanoparticle technology with UV inhibitors that provides outstanding protection. A rubber roof left unprotected will dry out and become dry rotted. And to top it off, a new rubber roof starts at $5,000!! POW!

Fiberglass RV roofs didn’t dodge this bullet either! There won’t be black streaks, but what you will get is a horrendous white chalky residue all down the sides from your dry-infested roof. RVTECH will tear away layers of residue and gook from your roof and secure your roof’s bright future with Roof Armor. Your roof will look so clean, you won’t even recognize it! Wanna take it up a notch to Platinum Status?

Wash + Roof + Roof Armor + Wax Exterior

The impeccable and glass-like shine will make your RV better than new. The polished and dressed tires will be eager for your next adventure. Whether you have Alcoa or aluminum wheels, they will be buffed and restored to perfection. Your RV will undergo the most elite treatment in its class. Count on turning lots of heads. Enjoy being the envy.
At RVTECH’s luxurious haven, so much more than just your RV will be getting pampered. Sit, back, and indulge in RVTECH’s modern facility choc’ full of incredible amenities including delicious refreshments, Wi-Fi, and more! Everyone knows a brand-new feeling RV is the only way to drive. Paradise awaits. Are you coming?

PROS: Keeping a fresh coat of wax and UV protection is essential and required to preserve the finish, from acid rain and the elements that contribute to fading, deterioration, chipping and discolored clear coat, and roof membrane materials and finishes

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