Hydraulic Jack Service

Jacks that won’t go down or retract got you and the family feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Don’t wait for your planned adventure to turn into a dismal vacation. Let the highly specialized crew at RVTECH rescue your hydraulic jack from turning your day into agony.

image003RVTECH will test and calibrate any Lipport and HWH hydraulic leveling system while you wait in an amenities-stocked luxurious and modern facility. RVTECH will check the pump, reservoir for fluid level contamination, leaky cylinders, shutter valve, proper voltage and most important the solenoids that pump the fluid. Even more! RVTECH can even build and replace high pressure hydraulic lines! Talk about a customized repair experience! You just can’t beat that!

Everyone knows Atwood level legs are a great system. Since these state-of-the-art systems depend on DC voltage to operate, once fully retracted they make a clicking sound to let you know they are up. Love convenience? Your touch pad will even tell you all legs are retracted and secure, and assure you that it is safe to travel! What an incredible way to gain the piece of mind you deserve without effort!

Lipport Power Gear and HWH are also equally incredible systems! That’s right, RVTECH experts know these machines inside and out too! Select models will have one hydraulic line that pushes fluid while huge springs retract, sending the fluid back to the reservoir. OH NO! Did you know that any weak springs, leaky seals, or scratches on the shafts is sure to leave you stuck?! RVTECH’s got you covered!

image005The other model has two hydraulic lines that work together to do all the pushing and pulling, taking the place of spring retraction. Did you know that having twice as many hydraulic lines and double the amount of electric solenoids makes for a very complicated system to repairone that only skilled experts can accurately diagnose and fix? The great news? RVTECH has successfully repaired thousands of these electric over hydraulic systems and can fix yours too! Stop in or call today and RVTECH will get you in and out and back on the road in no time!

PROS: Customized repair experience while you wait, luxurious amenities-packed modern facility, top-notch expertise, fast and friendly service

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