House Refrigerators

Tired of spoiled food, unreliability, and inconvenient storage?

Want to dine like a king?


Introducing house-style refrigerators that bring extraordinary performance to your culinary adventures. Thanks to built-in smart technology, house-style refrigerators quickly cool and stay cool on the hottest and most humid days! Guaranteed!

With house-style refrigerators you enjoy the luxury of abundant storage without sacrificing efficiency. These refrigerators are user-friendly, energy-efficient, fire-safe, and absolutely beautiful! Whats not to love?

Regardless of your power source, you can take the feel of home wherever the road takes you! They conveniently run off of a generator or if you have a sine-wave inverter, RVTECH can add the whole house-style inverter so all inverted circuits are a crisp, clean signal. This is exactly what youve been waiting for!

You can also choose the stand-alone inverter for the refrigerator only, so your engine can conveniently charge the house batteries and the inverter can invert the 12 volt into a clean 110 volt power supply, all while you drive! Can it get any better?

fleetwood-kitchenIt sure does! Installation is as easy as 1-2-3! RVTECH will take care of it all quickly and easily so you can enjoy your smart purchase immediately!

RVTECH will quickly remove your old refrigerator, relocate, re-wire, and cap off the gas line. If needed, RVTECH will build a sub-floor and cut any side walls to ensure a perfect fit. A window will need to be removed for the new unit to be installed. RVTECH will secure the new refrigerator in place, install matching complimentary wood trim for a beautiful fit and finish!

If you have chosen the deluxe model with water, that will conveniently be hooked up as well. The end result is lots of space, efficiency, and safety! The only regret youll have is that you didnt choose to purchase one sooner!


PROS: 75% more capacity, twin cooling, high efficiency, utmost fire safety, convenient and customized RVTECH installation, fridge is always cold, freezer is always frozen, plenty of ice cubes made 5x faster, easily adjustable shelves, uses fewer amps, no LPG burners to maintain, and no fire fear!

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