Central Vacuum Systems

InterVac-central-vacuum-systemShort on space? But still need to keep the place clean?

Bag the dirt and debris from your RV with a state-of-the-art central vacuum system. These vacuum systems are revolutionizing the art of cleanliness and space-saving all in one product! Work smarter, not harder with a vacuum that removes the guesswork and maintains tight suction, while saving space. Are you beginning to see how easy this is?

Lets face it, RV interior space is limited; the last thing you need is a 4ft vacuum cleaner hogging up an entire closet. This space-saving vacuum will fit anywhere with a 6 depth and will clean any RV surface with absolute perfection. The possibilities are endless!

RVTECH will supply and install a compact central vacuum system and mount the unit in one of your storage areas, in an area where changing the bag most convenient. RVTECH will install a 110 volt powered receptacle and run a suction line up to the living area! Voila!!! Problem solved!

PROS: Saves space, maintains tight suction, superior cleaning, convenient bag changing

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