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srweElectrical charging systems can be confusing. And you already know that nothing is more aggravating and irritating than a dead battery! Despite your best efforts, something is wrong, and you’re sure it will leave you stranded once again. Bottom line: these system can be challenging to say the least! Especially understanding the difference between a converter that takes 110 volts AC and converts it to 12 volts DC vs. an inverter that takes 12 volts DC and converts it to 110 volts AC. Did I just read that right?

So how does all this work, and why? Did you know the electrical relay/ solenoid is the decision-maker? And guess what? You have several of them, working together as the brains of the operation. There is also a charge coming from the motor on a class A to charge house batteries so you can invert while driving- this is generally called a Big Boy solenoid. Others come from the converter or inverter.

sdfsweSo now that we have a visual understanding, why is my battery always going dead? Good question, and RVTECH has the answers once again! Stop in, hang out with Chuck, and let him walk you through this system, so you can pinpoint issues in advance and use this knowledge in the future as leverage!

What’s 50 amp service and 30 amp service? All of these questions can be challenging. RVTECH is your Authorized Magnum Service Center. We handle all brands including World Freedom, Parallax, Xantrex, and of course Magnum, which is now Sensata Technologies. From auto generator start systems to complete sine wave, RVTECH is your one-stop resource!

Stuck with 30 amp and wish you had 50? Not a problem! Our electrical upgrades will do just that with plenty to spare!

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