Toad Charge

Fed up with DEAD Dinghy batteries on tow vehicles?! Who isn’t?


Everyone knows the last thing you need while towing is a worthless, dead battery on your hands! Ring a bell? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was bullet-proof protection from your towing’s worst nightmare? Well now there is. Introducing Toad-Charge, the most convenient and effective way to keep your towed (Toad) vehicle’s battery charged like a powerhouse so obnoxious battery discharge problems are prevented. At last you can feel what it’s like to tow with 100% certainty. Are you ready to discover how Toad-Charge can help you?

The magic starts with the state-of-the-art construction, designed with the RVer in mind. Let’s take a look at how the Toad-Charge works:

How it Works

The Toad-Charge connects between your motorhome’s starting battery (or chassis) and the towed vehicle battery, using the motorhome’s alternator to supply up to 10 amps of charge to the towed vehicle’s battery. Toad-Charge shuts off when the motorhome engine does, virtually eliminating the power drain everyone hates. Parking overnight? There’s no need to remember to disconnect the cable from the hitched Toad and motorhome. Even more, when you unplug the tow bar cable, it automatically disconnects the Charge Regulator so you don’t have to worry about current being drawn out of the Toad vehicle battery. Driving the vehicle by itself? Feel free to keep the Charge Regulator connected-finally a genius product that does all the thinking for you!

13If you’ve ever had both motorhome battery banks dead, then you’ll be relieved to know that the Charge Regulator has a built-in blocking diode that ensures that your Toad can always be started, no matter what. How? The diode has the power to prevent reverse current flow if the motorhome’s house or starting batteries are discharged. Additionally, this diode works hard with a thermal circuit breaker to guarantee another safety feature for your benefit: If a short circuit occurs anywhere along the power cable, there will not be any resulting excessive current to flow from either the Toad vehicle batteries or the motorhome.

The keywords here are safety and convenience. The best part? Once you install it, you can forget it! Yes, it’s that easy! After doing a brain scan on this year’s top pics for towing enjoyment, the Toad-Charge is exploding off the charts! Take a peek at the benefits and you’ll understand:



  • Prevents battery discharge when towing with an auxiliary braking system
  • Allows quick, effortless engine starting
  • Completely automatic-Install it and forget it!
  • Permanent installation of motorhome and towed vehicle harnesses- eliminates the inconvenience of disconnecting
  • Charger cable unplugs when not in use, can be stowed away with tow bar
  • No battery drain when vehicle is parked
  • LED indicators show system status at a glance
  • Provides up to 10 amps of charging current-maintaining peak charge for your towed vehicle
  • Built-in blocking diode keeps battery full charged, even if motorhome batteries are completely discharged
  • Fully protected against overcurrent, short circuits
  • Works with single or dual battery motorhome/tow vehicle starting batteries
  • Pays for itself in longer battery life- Prevents heavy discharge-related battery failure
  • Installs in minutes
  • Instructions and mounting hardware included
  • Rugged, weatherproof epoxy-encapsulated enclosure-100% protection against short circuits and overloads at each end of the wiring harness
  • American-made
  • One-year warranty

What You’ll Get

14The Complete Kit-Nothing else to buy!

  • Charge Controller– monitors the charging current and prevents reverse current flow when the motorhome engine is started.
  • Circuit Breaker– protects against excessive current flow due to wiring faults or a dead battery.
  • Power Cable– can be cut to any desired lengths on the motorhome, tow bar, and dinghy vehicle. These accommodate motor coaches with either front- or rear-mounted batteries.
  • Detachable connectors-provide for quick detachment when the kit is not being used.
  • User replaceable Connectors & Dust Caps
  • All hardware included!

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